SHIELD Custom Commemorative Firearms, LLC

We specialize in the designing and distribution of factory made commemorative firearms which are produced to mark major milestones, honor specific event, or acknowledge historical events, especially in Law Enforcement. 

 For our most current project, we are honored to be the SOLE New York State Troopers PBA endorsed distributor to provide the 100 Year Commemorative edition firearms. These unique firearms honor the 100 years of the New York State Troopers.  For this special anniversary, we are offering factory engraved Winchester and Henry rifles. There will only be 1,917 of each rifle made to commemorate the April 11, 1917 beginning of the New York State Troopers.  In addition, 5% of each sale will go to the New York State Police Signal 30 Fund.

The first rifle offered is the exact rifle that the first Troopers were issued when they patrolled rural New York on horseback....  The iconic Winchester Model '94 .30-30 Carbine with saddle ring and 20" round barrel.  The deep blued receiver is factory engraved with gold, including a State Trooper shield (number 1917) and the iconic Winchester logo in gold, being used for the first time in decades, depicting a Trooper riding into service over the date April 11, 1917.  In addition, a special serial number to mark this occasion has been designated by Winchester with the range 17NYST0001 through 17NYST0550.

The second rifle being offered is a Tribute Edition Henry Silverboy .22 with octagon barrel.  The bright receiver is factory engraved and has a depiction of a State Trooper, along with a State Trooper shield (number 1917), and a State Trooper Stetson all in gold, along with the date April 11, 1917.  In addition Henry designated a special serial number for this occasion, with the range being 1917NYST0001 through 1917NYST0125.

Please understand that when each of the limited edition rifles are sold out, they will never be produced again, as this is a once in a lifetime occasion.

We are also worked on a special edition Colt for this occasion, and more information can be found on the Colt page.


SHIELD Custom Commemorative Firearms, LLC adheres to all Federal and State Firearms Laws and regulations, and will only ship to verified FFL dealers.